Studio Impressions is excited to be involved with Gianni’s Events at Portside and DARB Bridal Couture as hosts of a luxury wedding event aptly named Cocktails, Carats and Couture.

Brisbane today, offers a wealth of bridal and wedding services and like many industries, it can sometimes be hard to trawl through the huge number of suppliers to find those that are truly offering exceptional quality and service.

As hosts and usually one of the first contact points for planning a wedding, we felt that Brisbane Brides would benefit from an event that brought together some of the best in the industry.  Between our Studio, DARB and Gianni’s we had over 40 years experience in the wedding industry and interestingly found ourselves often recommending the same suppliers .  This is because after years of working with them we knew they had the expertise and we could trust the quality of what they would produce for our brides.

Cocktails, Carats and Couture brought all these suppliers together at one luxury event.   Fashion, fine food and diamonds featured at this invitation only cocktail party.  Past bridal couples were invited as a thank you and brides and grooms-to-be were given the chance to to talk informally to some of the best wedding specialists Brisbane has to offer and to the couples that used them before.

It was a great night, and looks like becoming an annual event.    Thanks to Gianni’s Events at Portside, DARB Bridal Couture and all the participating wedding specialists for their involvement.

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