For some of our clients, their wedding is just the beginning of our relationship with them.  Often a maternity and newborn shoot follow.  Family portraits later down the track.   Then sometimes, it’s taking their corporate photos or, in this case, documenting their newly converted design practice.   We get asked to photograph all kinds of things.  It is one of the best parts of the job.   Recently Adam photographed the new Brisbane offices of Thomson Adsett.    He did their corporate portraits a year or so ago, and before that the wedding of one of the architects.  This is an architectural firm with flair.  They’ve done some pretty innovative things with their workspace and we are really excited to see them getting well deserved credit for this amazing work by getting featured (along with our photos) in architectural magazines.

Corporate portraits are so different to architectural images, and inside office shots so different to capturing the building.  Obviously it is all a very different approach to photographing weddings.   We have always spent a lot of time encouraging photographers at Studio Impressions to learn different photographic skills and genres from the amazing photographers that we get to meet.  You never know when these skills might be called on.   Adam has long had an interest in architectural photography and you often see influence of that in his fine art work and sometimes even his portraits or weddings.   As you can see from these images, he has become quite good at it.

To the team at Thomson Adsett, we know the passion and creativity that goes into your work.  Thanks for trusting the passion and creativity of Studio Impressions to express it in photographs.


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