Mary-Lou & Chris are a fantastic couple & they have two great boys.  Now that the boys are both at school, it was time for a second family portrait.   Chris had been working on the Sunshine Coast for the past three years establishing a business, and had recently moved to a business back in Brisbane.  So we chose the Sunshine Coast beach where the family spent much of their time together over the last three years as the location for this shoot completed in January. (One of my first for the year)

With approx a month of near cyclonic conditions over the Christmas holiday period, the weather was not going to let up for us much this weekend.  So, I say, use the weather within the shot.   The portrait below symbolizes to me the challenges the family went through. The image now portrays that family unity prevails.  Even in a storm there is always sunshine around when you are with your family.

Chris & Mary-Lou invited my family along on the shoot. Penny & my boys & I stayed the night and spent a great weekend with Chris, Mary-Lou and their kids.  It is great when your clients become your friends.