“The Japanese say, if a flower is to be beautiful it must be cultivated.”  (Lester Cole)

Today’s creative spotlight is on two people who know how to bring out the true beauty of a flower with lots of love and care.  Maybe because they have so much love for each other.   Sandee and Dave from Always Fabulous Flowers, have been filling weddings with flowers for the last 20 years. They are as experienced in this business as it gets, but this doesn’t make them dated.  They have consistently remained one of Brisbane’s most popular wedding florists because of their timeless floristry that remains on trend.  Sandee and Dave work hard at what they do because they love it.  They take pride in their work whether it be a simple button hole of a full ceremony backdrop made of flowers.  They are genuinely interested in their couples and always strive to create something that everyone at the wedding will love.  It has been our pleasure to work with Sandee and Dave on more weddings than we can count, and this time it was our pleasure to bring them out from behind the scenes and put them in front of the camera for a change.   Thanks Sandee & Dave for getting out of your comfort zone and letting us share with everyone the faces behind these beautiful creations.

Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-1 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-2 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-3 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-4 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-5 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-6 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-7Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-11 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-8 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-9 Creative-Vendor-Florist-Always-Fabulous-Flowers-10 Greek_Club_Brisbane_Wedding_EA_023


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