Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-1 Timeless elegance, feminine sophistication, iconic beauty – these are the words that come to mind when I think of a DARB Couture wedding dress. Brad Webb, the man behind the couture label is a master.  I swear he is a reincarnated 1950’s fashion icon.  His dresses are the stuff little girls (& big girls) dream of.  Every bead is perfectly placed, every stitch is considered.  Delicate lace, feathers, silk, pearls, diamantes, so many different layers of exquisite texture and intricate detail.  A DARB dress is like owning a piece of art.  Any woman that wears one cannot help but feel beautiful as each dress is made to suit her perfectly.  This is probably why so many Studio Impressions brides choose DARB Couture and why we have had the pleasure of getting to know Brad over the years.  He truly loves what he does.  It shows in his work and the personal touches that he provides to women wearing his clothes.  I will never forget the time I first saw Brad there on the wedding day, helping the bride get ready and making sure that her gown was just right.  I was blown away with that kind of service, attention to detail and care for his clients.  It has made him one of the most sought after wedding designers in Australia.  But one of the best things about Brad is that under that softly spoken demeanor is a driving passion to create amazing things, but also a weakness for chocolate, a wicked sense of humour and a totally mischievous laugh.  Let’s face it – the man is cool without even trying.   I never tire of photographing women in his gowns.  It is like they have this timeless, ethereal beauty.  Who doesn’t want that on their wedding day?

Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-4 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-2Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-5Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-3Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-6 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-7 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-9Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-8 Wedding-Creative-Wedding-Dress-Designer-10






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