Recently we had the great pleasure of photographing some of Brisbane’s best wedding creatives.  From florists to cake designers, to fashion legends, we have captured some of the amazing talent that Brisbane offers anyone planning a wedding.   These people are artisans.  They hand craft their quality products with detail and most of all with love.   Every piece they produce reflects the a little piece of them and a lot about the people they design it for.  These are people we love working with because of their consistent quality and dedication to what they do, and because they show the utmost respect for the brides and grooms that choose them.

Each week we plan to feature one of these wedding maestro’s, starting with Nicole from STEM DESIGNS.  Nicole is the owner and creative visionary of floral design studio Stem Designs.  Her gorgeous blooms are sought after by brides all over.  She does way more than bouquets, Nicole crafts floral masterpieces.  Extravaganzas in greenery & colour.  Nicole brings personality to your wedding.   To top it off, she is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet.




So meet Nicole and some of the amazing work of Stem Designs that have featured in the weddings of our clients.  If you are looking for a florist, you can contact Nicole by clicking Here.  Tell her Studio Impressions sent you!


Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-2 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-3 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-4Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-12 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-5 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-7 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-8Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-9 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-10Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-14 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-13 Stem-Design-Wedding-Flowers-Styling-11






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