Art comes in all shapes and forms.  I am a firm believer that it doesn’t have to be in a gallery to be art.  When someone puts love, passion and creativity in what they do and they do it exceptionally well, making a statement along the way – surely that is a form of art.  Meet Greg Cleary – artist and owner of Sweetums.  Sure his art happens to be edible, but there is no denying it is amazing.  Actually being edible makes it more amazing.    Brisbane is the home of some of the BEST wedding cake designers in the country.  Greg is on that list and puts him on our list of creatives that you need to know.   Thanks Greg for making my job of taking a stellar cake cutting photo that little bit easier and thanks for letting us capture the genuinely nice guy that you are.

Creative-Vendor-Wedding-Cake-Sweetums-1 Creative-Vendor-Wedding-Cake-Sweetums-2 Creative-Vendor-Wedding-Cake-Sweetums-3 Creative-Vendor-Wedding-Cake-Sweetums-4

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