Well, I said I would post more images from our post-WPPI roadtrip and here they are……..

Day 1 of our roadtrip through the eyes of Adam Finch.

After a big week at the WPPI Convention, and surviving the ordeal of organizing a hire car with fellow photographer Greg Gibson, the five of us were finally on the ‘Road to Zion’.  With the miles ahead getting the better of us, time for stopping for photographic opportunities was limited.  These are a few of the images from Day 1, captured mostly from sitting in the back centre seat of what must be the largest passenger car I’ve been in.  Greg must have been taken back to his early days of working for the Associated Press with the 3 motor drives (Jason, myself & Marcus), akin to the sound of machine guns, rapidly firing behind him.  Even at 70mph, the US gave me plenty of memorable images. Adam

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