I swear that Marcus falls in love with every couple he meets.  For as long as he has been photographing weddings, he has come home with stories about how lovely the couple were, usually saying something like they “were the nicest people” or “it was such a beautiful day” and he genuinely means it, every weekend.  This is how I know that he is doing what he was meant to do in life.  He loves the photography, but more than that he loves the people.  Later in the week, I get to see the photos, often over his shoulder late at night as he works through them into the wee morning hours.  That’s when he tells me some more stories from the day and that is when I can tell by the look on his face how much he enjoyed photographing that wedding.  Sometimes, in these moments, he shows me a wedding that is more than just beautiful, it actually moves me, and I am touched by the way he truly sees people.  The images make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me go aaawww, in that way that only girls can.  I’m not a very romantic person.  In our relationship, that person is Marcus.  So when I react like that, I know that the people in this wedding really were “the nicest people”, and they really do have something special.  I can see it in their images.  No, I can feel it.

Felicity & Damien, your wedding has secretly made me cry happy tears, laugh out loud and smile a great big happy smile.  The way you look at each other, the way that you laugh with your friends, the strength of the touch from your parents, how you make fun of yourselves, and the way you included Lola the french bulldog in your day – it all represents something remarkable.  Cherish what you have for it is precious indeed.

Felicity and Damien were married at the gorgeous Deux Belettes in Byron Bay.  He wore impeccable Wil Valour and she was a vision in DARB Bridal Couture.  Damien used to drive racing cars professionally, and now works for V8 Supercars, where he met Felicity.  Their love of racing cars making subtle appearances in their wedding.  If you look closely you will notice the flowers on the tables aren’t housed in ordinary vases – what better way to use your racing trophies – flower vessels on your wedding day.

Felicity and Damien, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to share your wedding day.  Marcus & I would wish you a love that lasts forever, except that it is obvious – you already have it.

W0052_DF140830b W0058_DF140830 W0066_DF140830 W0077_DF140830aW0092_DF140830cDeuxBelettes-2W0328_DF140830

DeuxBelettes-1DeuxBelettes-3W0103_DF140830a W0142_DF140830 W0175_DF140830Deux-Belettes-Byron-BayDeuxBelettes-17W0230_DF140830aDeuxBelettes

W0237_DF140830aW0376_DF140830a W0379_DF140830Deux-Belettes-Byron-Bay1 W0400_DF140830 W0434_DF140830a W0466_DF140830Deux-Belettes-Wedding
W0515_DF140830a W0519_DF140830 W0532_DF140830 W0538_DF140830c W0544_DF140830aDeux-Belettes-Wedding-Byron-Bay1Deux-Belettes-Wedding-Byron-Bay

W0574_DF140830 W0579_DF140830 W0585_DF140830W0715_DF140830aDeux-Belettes-Wedding1W0779_DF140830


W0754_DF140830a W0755_DF140830 W0812_DF140830 W0839_DF140830DeuxBelettes-16

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W0919_DF140830DeuxBelettes-4 W0928_DF140830DeuxBelettes-5

W0977_DF140830b W0985_DF140830aDeuxBelettes-1
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