Opened the mail today and found my new copy of Queensland Bride Magazine.   Flicked through to find this fab shoot by my very talented husband. (Some may say I’m biased, I call it accurate).  It was all styled so perfectly by the equally talented Brendan at Styled Events and Cara at  Invitation Station.

So excited!   I heard ALL about this in the lead up from Cara and from Brendan and from Marcus, who, I have to say, was pumped when he left the house to do this one.   I think Cara’s perpetual state of excitement might be catching.

The funny thing is, I didn’t actually see the images until today.  All I can say is I LOVE IT.  Wow!  Gorgeous flowers by  Stem Design and gorgeous models with hair & makeup by Kim Snare too.  I’ve posted a few more from the shoot below, but check out Queensland Bride for the full story.

At the time, I was a little jealous I wasn’t there.  Even more so now.    Brendan & Cara, next time you put something together like this, invite me.  I’ll bring Adam as the photographer.  Marcus & I can get married again right there, then. Why waste this fabulousness?

If that wasn’t enough, also in this edition of Queensland Brides was the real life wedding of Moira & Kristian .  He does do some fine work that Marcus Bell (even if I am biased).

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  1. Amazing work by all for this lovely wedding! I met Marcus in the Hunter Valley for the Nikon Event a few months back and the thing that struck me was how he connects. Other than great technical skills he has a way with people tat you can’t Learn, you either have it or you don’t! And he has it, I can understand the bias:)

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