Just a few weeks ago I photographed a beautiful wedding at Spicers Peak Lodge.   It wasn’t a big wedding – just close friends and family.  There were loads of pretty touches and some great entertainment (RUSH was the chosen band).  But what really made this day stand out to me was how close everyone was.  This was a wedding filled with warmth and love, heartfelt stories and genuine appreciation.  A true celebration without pretense.  The couple, well they are pretty incredible people but most of all they are completely, totally right for each other.

The couple was Emma Harding & Karmichael Hunt (some of you may have heard of Karmichael before).  Because this was a day so very personal to them,, I am only sharing a few of my favourite shots. The rest are for Karmichael & Emma and their wonderful family and friends.   And because the girls will want to know, Emma chose Jodie Lee and her style team to do her hair and makeup and she was dressed by MXM Couture, who always seem to create the perfect gown for their brides.

Emma and Karmichael I want to say thanks for letting me share this day with you.    I hope my images bring you happy memories for a very long time.

BrisbaneWedding-1 BrisbaneWedding-32BrisbaneWedding-2

BrisbaneWedding-4BrisbaneWedding-6 BrisbaneWedding-5BrisbaneWedding-34

BrisbaneWedding-3BrisbaneWedding-33 BrisbaneWedding-35BrisbaneWedding-8 BrisbaneWedding-9 BrisbaneWedding-10 BrisbaneWedding-11 BrisbaneWedding-12 BrisbaneWedding-13 BrisbaneWedding-15 BrisbaneWedding-16BrisbaneWedding-14

BrisbaneWedding-18 BrisbaneWedding-19 BrisbaneWedding-20 BrisbaneWedding-22 BrisbaneWedding-23BrisbaneWedding-36

BrisbaneWedding-17BrisbaneWedding-7BrisbaneWedding-25 BrisbaneWedding-26BrisbaneWedding-24 BrisbaneWedding-27 BrisbaneWedding-28 BrisbaneWedding-29 BrisbaneWedding-30

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  1. I have no idea who they are but I’m actually tearing up – love the pictures with her grandmother? – simply beautiful as always Marcus (you’re awesome!)

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