I love people that don’t take themselves too seriously.   Sarah & Simon are those kind of people. They know how to have a good laugh and they know how to just be.    When I saw the images from their wedding I couldn’t help but spend ages chatting to Aurelie (who took these great shots) about their day.   Her face lit up as she told me more and more about how lovely everything was, and how their sense of humor was sprinkled through the day.

Sarah and Simon had a picnic wedding at  Eumundi’s Hidden Valley.  Just a few friends and family sharing rustic food on a glorious day in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  The team at Style Le Aisle added a few touches to make sure this was no ordinary picnic.  The atmosphere was set with perfection and it was as relaxed and beautiful as they had clearly planned.

You might notice that Sarah & Simon share a distinctive feature.  But, as the funny guy Tim Minchin sings “only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger” – so I’ll leave you to work it out.     I loved how they had fun with it and used it in their wedding theme!   Gingerbread men wedding gifts – I LOVE IT!  The (ginger) best man and Simon’s brother got in on the act, adding ginger beer & ginger nut biscuits to the mix.   Not to be outdone, the Maid of Honour produced a drawing that Sarah had done in school of her “dream man”.   Don’t worry Sarah we have not shared the evidence here, but we have shared a photo of Simon’s priceless reaction.

Sarah & Simon, you clearly have long term friends and family who love you and enjoy your company very very much.    Having met you, we know why.    Aurelie obviously loved every second photographing your wedding and raves about what a great day it was.     I think you must have sprinkled a little bit of ginger dust here in Studio Impressions – because we can’t stop smiling or laughing too.     Thank you for choosing us to picnic with.

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