Over the past four years I have been presenting Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom eSeminars online as one of Australia’s Adobe Photography Ambassadors.

The most recent seminars are now available online and they are completely free to view.  Here are the most recent tutorials, simply click on the title to view.

Free eSeminars

The Creative Guide to Producing Award Winning Images Walk through the creative process – from visual conception to the final print.  Discover how to create your very own custom prints.

Fast RAW Workflow techniques Learn how to process bulk RAW image projects quickly and with pristine precision.  Learn how to process in half the time.

RAW  | easy as 1-2-3 What is the difference between RAW and JPEG? Unlock the power of RAW images and how you can combine Presets to improve your quality and workflow.

Understanding Blending Modes and the Fade Tool in Adobe Photoshop

For a complete listing of tutorials visit the Adobe on demand Website

Marcus Bell and Adobe Shortcut to Brilliance Website

To view information about my photography journey and how I incorporate Photoshop and Lightroom in the creative process please visit the following link Marcus Bell & Adobe – Discover your Shortcut to Brilliance”


INSTANT EFFECTS – Lightroom and Photoshop Presets now available online

For more information online visit the Instant Effects website and for additional product information visit the Photographers Resources home page.


AFTER – Applying the Instant Effect “Jazz Envy”


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