Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-1Happy Valentine’s Day!!   Now whether you refuse to participate in the commercialisation that is Valentine’s Day or whether you immerse yourself in the joy of it, dressing in red, sending flowers and leaving love notes for someone special, there is no denying that LOVE, finding THE ONE, truly connecting with another human being is worth celebrating sometime.   So what better time to share images that do just that?  This is Victoria & Greg – engaged, but not yet married.  This is them as individuals, as a couple, as fiance′s.  Here they are in the hedonic love-filled limbo land of being “engaged”. And they have celebrated it. I am sure there will be some proposals this Valentine’s Day.  For those of you that take the plunge, make sure you enjoy every second of being engaged.  Don’t fall into the trap of being enveloped in wedding plans and fighting over budgets & seating arrangements.  Stop sometimes just to enjoy each other and appreciate the commitment you are going to make and the commitment you have already made.  Be like Victoria & Greg – celebrate just being two.

Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-2 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-4 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-5 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-3 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-7 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-9 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-12 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-13Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-16 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-10 Gold-Coast-Engagement-Shoot-19






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