It is a glorious day in Brisbane today.   Big blue skies, soft sunshine.  It reminded me a lot of the weather the day of Kaitlin & Scott’s wedding.   A PERFECT day to be married in a stunning location close to the Gold Coast.

Kaitlin & Scott’s wedding was something like a fairytale.  I watched the flowergirls at this wedding just looking at Kaitlin in awe.  I just know they thought she looked like a princess and that they had walked straight into one of their own fairytale dreams.   You’ll see it on their faces.

Kaitlin & Scott have Danielle of White + White Weddings and Amini Concepts to thank for helping create this magical day.  Together they created something truly amazing, glamorous and a simply perfect fit for this wedding and this couple.    From the moment Kaitlin emerged looking so stunning in her DARB dress to the spectacular ceremony at the Hyatt Sanctuary Cove to the sparkly detail at the reception at Hyatt Sanctuary Cove The Grange, all of it combined to tell a once upon a time story of two people in love.    The beautiful flowers were by Bouquet Boutique and that stunning cake, Cake Star.

Kaitlin and Scott deserved nothing less that a perfect day.  They are smart, funny, hardworking, intelligent, wonderful people.   It is so right that they found each other.   Kaitlin and Scott, thank you for letting me be the one to record this day for you.   May you live happily every after…….


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  1. I don’t have much words about this job is just amazing and very very beautiful! Love it!

  2. Wow wow weeee!! This is beautiful work, super inspiring. I want to do one of your workshops

  3. What stunning image you have here!! Its hard to pick a favorite but the 2 girls whispering behind the dress is one that jumped out – what a super capture

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