I spend most weekends capturing the memories of other families.   Just a few weeks ago my nephew Kris married his high school sweetheart, Shannon.  It was a great feeling knowing that this time I was capturing moments that will become part of my own family memory.   It was a very special day.  Even though I love to have my camera in hand on occassions like this, the wedding of someone so special to me is also something to be part of (not just observing), so Adam came along & took the lead to record the day.   It was great to just be able to be a guest at a wedding, yet still join in to shoot when I want, and especially still be able to do the location shoot.  I’ve posted one of the location shots at Currumbin below.    It was weird though posing for Adam in the family shots!  (No you won’t get to see them).     Thanks Adam for capturing this day for Kris & Shannon, and for the rest of the Bell Family.   Kris & Shannon, Penny & I have loved watching your love blossom.  A world of shared experience is in front of you, may your love grow more through all of it.

Wedding guests are welcome to click on the link to view Shannon & Kris’ sneak peek slideshow.

Contact Shannon & Kris for the password.

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