Things have been busy lately, busy, busy, busy. I haven’t posted half the stuff I have wanted to tell you about. So much to share.  Here’s a couple of the things that have made me smile lately.

Last night I went to the Queensland Centre for Photography (QCP) to see an exhibition called “ALT. Eight Alternate Queensland Photographers”. Opening night & two Studio Impressions staff in the eight – Nicola Poole & Adam Finch. Nicola did a collaborative with her Dad & the legendary Ian Poole. It was fascinating to see similar scenes of Brisbane from the perspective of two generations. Amazing the familial resemblence in their work despite the very different approaches. Visit QCP & check it out for yourself if you can.

It was really special though to see Adam’s work.  You have all seen his brilliant wedding work posted on this blog, but there is a whole other side to Adam’s photography and it was on show last night. Adam does some fantastic streetscapes, but not like others you would see. His streetscapes are stark and haunting. They are usually devoid of people but not emotion. For such a brilliant people photographer to leave people out of his streetscapes is not only fascinating, to me it makes a strong statement about Adam and his ability to relate to the world on multiple levels. His exhibition last night was titled “Blandscapes” and it really challenged you to see beauty in some of the most ordinary surrounds. Some prints I’ve seen before as he worked on them at the Studio, but to see them enlarged to 70inch in length and starkly hung on a white wall, every pixel open for interpretation, well it was very impressive. Adam, you should be very very proud mate. Hope this is the start of many more exhibitions.

The exhibition opening night has not been the only great news we’ve had in the studio of late. Just before Easter, one of our staff, Tania Brown, welcomed her second child to the world. We’ve all said our personal congrats, but for those of you who know Tania well, I thought we would post a little pic of the beautiful Sharna Danks-Brown here for you all to ooh & aaah over.    Congrats Tania & Lance & Kayden. Welcome little Sharna!

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