Time to share with you my last wedding for 2012, and it was something special.

Yumee and Chris live in New York.  Yumee is Korean but grew up in Guam and her family still live there.   So, in the holiday break between Christmas and New Year, Yumee returned to Guam to marry Chris, surrounded by their family and friends and the warm and loving community on Guam.

There are so many stories to tell about this wonderful weekend.  So many moments that made me laugh and that touched my heart.  There I was, capturing their memories, only to realize when I looked back on these photos, that Yumee and Chris and their generous, big hearted families had created some memories for me.   I’m not going to try to describe every moment.  This time, I think I’ll let the images tell the stories.  I hope they touch your heart too.

Yumee & Chris, you are very special people.  I would wish you all the love in the world, but I think, you might already have it.


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DestinationWedding-22DestinationWedding-34 DestinationWedding-23 DestinationWedding-24 DestinationWedding-26 DestinationWedding-27 DestinationWedding-28DestinationWedding-35 DestinationWedding-31 DestinationWedding-32

DestinationWedding-44DestinationWedding-49 DestinationWedding-45 DestinationWedding-46 DestinationWedding-47 DestinationWedding-48DestinationWedding-33


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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love how you capture the groom at the ceremony looking at the ocean 🙂

  2. Beautiful images, full of emotion. Absolutely love the landscape inspired images, really stunning work. Kind regards, Roberto.

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