My twin boys turned four recently.  I can’t believe how quickly they have grown.    It only seems like yesterday they were tiny little babies.  Now they are little boys who play with transformers and totem tennis and leggo, and who talk back to their Dad!

It is on occasions like this that I always find myself reflecting on how lucky we really are.  We came very close to losing these little guys when they were born premmie.  Each year my wife helps organise the RBWH Research Foundation’s Butterfly Ball to raise money for perinatal research and in particular a project called the BRAIN Project.  The Brain Research Advances in Newborns (BRAIN) project is specifically studying brain injuries in newborns and how to prevent them.  It is run by an inspiring man, Professor Paul Colditz whose previous research contributed to such things as SIDS prevention.  It is this kind of research that has meant we have happy, healthy boys today.

The Butterfly Ball is on again soon – 24th October 2009 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.  Tickets are on sale now!  You can purchase them by visiting Why not join Penny & I at this fabulous event for an evening of glamour & entertainment & raise some much needed funds that will help give our kids the best start in life.    If you are busy photographing weddings and can’t make it but would like to help, donations can be made by contacting the RBWH Research Foundation on 07 3636 2174 or at

Here is one of the images I took for the billboard promotion of the event. Brad from Darb Couture has donated a gown like this to be auctioned on the evening to raise funds for the Research Foundation, and the fantastic Marg from Hare’s Hair  styled the model’s hair and is also supporting the event.   The image was taken during a fashion shoot I was doing to show case his latest collection at the fabulous Cloudland.   It was captured on the Nikon D3x and using Bowens new lighting system .

I will post more about this shoot in the coming weeks.

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