Valentines Day.  What better way to celebrate then by posting another romantic love story….Philipa and Brendan and their beautiful Sunshine Coast wedding.

We all know I love weddings on the Sunny Coast.   The hinterland provides so much fodder for my favourite type of photography – big landscapes with moody skys – and the coastline always delivers wind waves and depth of colour.   Philipa and Brendan, chose both the hinterland and the beach for their ceremony and reception.  I thought my christmases had come at once.   What more could I ask for visually?   I’m not sure why I love taking wedding photos in the middle of strong, natural landscapes.   I think maybe there is something about the rawness and beauty of nature in these settings that to me parallels the rawness and beauty of the love between two people.   The wind, the light, the big waves, the foreboding skies, the tall trees and solid rocks somehow echo the passion and emotion that you feel on a wedding day.   It is almost like despite all the effort that goes into planning a wedding and the finer styling details that make a wedding so beautiful, somewhere still, everything gets stripped bare.  It is all just about the people you are and the people you love.

Philipa & Brendan had one of those kinds of weddings, where the feelings were strong.   You can see it.  The day starts out with some nervousness, hoping that it all goes well.  Then it gets emotional as they see each for the first time, and they realise the magnitude of this day.   Brendan’s face says it all.  That’s when it happens.  Everyone at the wedding drops their guard.  They all let themselves get lost in the love between these people.  It makes them laugh and cry and hug each other.    This reaction is nature at its best.   So photographing Philipa and Brendan on this day, in nature, seems, well, …….right.

Thanks Philipa and Brendan for letting me do what I love.

For those of you that love the details….the bride got ready at House of Laurels.  They held their ceremony at Little White Wedding Church

and reception at Sails.  Philipa looked magnificent in a dress designed by Darb.

Wedding guests are welcome to click on the link to view Philipa & Brendan’s sneak peek slideshow.

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