This morning, one of my 6 year olds hunted through our cupboards looking for chocolate that he wrapped in a bow & hand delivered to the 11 year old neighbourhood girl who has captured his heart.    He drew her a card with lopsided love hearts and wrote “Dear Sharlit (her name is Charlotte), be my balantin“.  I think he meant valentine.

It was such an honest display of his feelings, it inspired me to share a little love today.  I picked it to share with you because even though it isn’t a Valentine’s Day wedding, it has a little of all that should be shared on this day.  A romantic venue, a little champagne, a warm fireplace, some good food, a warm sunset & a killer view… and lots of love & laughter.   Oh, & a cow.

This is the wedding of Kim & Karl at Spicers Peak Lodge.   A really fantastic venue.  Photographed by Mr Adam Finch.   Just gorgeous.

A wedding is one of the few times in our life where we lay our feelings bare, in front of others.   As a couple you are somehow exposed, embraced and protected, all at the same time.  That’s what marriage is all about – opening yourself to someone else and trusting them to protect that.  What a perfect day to remember this.  What a perfect set of wedding images to remind us.  Thanks Mr Finch.

Kim & Karl, enjoy your first Valentine’s Day as husband & wife, and we wish you a marriage filled with romantic moments.

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