It has been a very busy few weeks!  Three continents later, I’m now very happy to be back in Australia.

XXV, Portland USA

For me, the highlight of the trip was being in picturesque Portland with some of the finest portrait photographers from around the globe at the XXV Summit.  Society of XXV was started 20 years ago with a membership that is invitation only.  As a new member I found that XXV is a dynamic group of talented photographers with a passion to share, grow and improve their skills through learning from the experiences of each other.  In many ways it’s like having a mentor, except you have 25 of them.   The annual Summit also invites industry leaders from major photographic manufacturers, so it is a great opportunity to see the latest and greatest that the industry is offering at the moment and glimpse what is to come years from now.

It was an amazing 5 days.  I don’t think I have ever learnt, laughed and even cried, as much in my life.   A powerful experience would be an understatement.

Thanks so much to the the incredible photographers from around the world that I met and shared with at XXV.  Some of whom included:  Vicki & Jed Taufer – USA, Curt Littlecott – USA, Indra Leonardi – Indonesia, Rod Evans – USA, Tim & Bev Walden – USA and Henk Van Kooten – Holland.  Check out their work – it is amazing!


The more I visit London the more I love this city.  I think it is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world.  I found a wealth of subjects to photograph.  I met up with Art Photographer and fellow Adobe Lightroom Adventure Tasmanian photographer, Jackie King for an afternoon visiting the  Guy Bourdin exhibition at the Wapping projects.  Both the exhibition and the building the exhibition was housed in were exceptional.  The walk back to “Shaggwell” Station afterwards at dusk was interesting though, and was the only time I felt the possibility of being separated from my camera equipment on this entire trip.    The seminar in Hendon the day after was wonderful and was a great opportunity to met with fellow seminar speaker and UK photographer Kevin Wilson.     Kevin and I have been working with Asukanet on this seminar and they really do a great job.  Like their artbooks – the quality is spot on, no detail is overlooked, and everything runs smoothly and efficiently.


Paris is legendary for photography.  It has always been quite intimidating for me to photograph this amazing city.  I think mainly because it is one of the most photographed cities in the world and because so many of the great photographers have captured some of the most widely known images in this city.  The home of Magnum, and the birthplace of Cartier-Bresson – it’s enough to make me feel like an amateur.

The seminars and workshop we did in Paris were amazing.  A really great turn out, passionate discussion, lots of questions and new ideas.  Already I have been invited back to talk early next year.  The attendees were just extraordinary photographers in their own right.  There is some beautiful wedding photography in Paris and it was an honour to be asked to provide input to the industry there.  I will be posting later this month some images from the shoot we did during the seminar.

Hong Kong and Macau

In the final days of my trip I headed to Macau for a photographic project.   I caught up with two of the best wedding photographers in this region CM Leung from Hong Kong and Louis Pang from Malaysia.  We where joined by fellow Brisbane photographer Vincent Swift.  It was a great couple of days of photographing and learning more from these guys, and I’m really happy that I got some of the images I was hoping for.

There are a wealth of images to post from the entire trip so keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks!

I had a great time, but it is wonderful to be home.

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