We are in love with Instagram and I’m sure you are as well.   We love it so much we always try to post an image on the wedding day using our iPhones (not our real cameras) for the couples to share with their family and friends that couldn’t attend.  We also share a lot of what is happening in our personal lives. For me, I love seeing live bands, funny situations with my kids and some street photography as well.  Occasionally, I’ll share a pic taken with my real camera as well.   So if you would love to follow me, the studio, or one of the talented photographers who are part of Studio Impressions, here are our accounts:

Marcus  @marcusbell

The Studio @studioimpressions

Gabe @gabeveit

Karen @karenpedwell

Aurélie @whisperandsing



Here are a few of my favourite images taken on my iPhone for Instagram.

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