The morning before I left Australia, I sat my three boys down and showed them on our world globe all the places I would be travelling.  It was the first time that I told my eldest son Jackson, now 5 years old, that I would be visiting a town called “Jacksonville”.  His twin brothers Evan and Rohan were sitting right next to him and he looked at me with a very concerned face and said “Daddy, are you going to be going to Rohansville and Evansville as well.”  It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard come out of his mouth.  He was so concerned about his brothers also enjoying a moment of my trip.  It was then I knew the next three weeks will be so hard to be so far apart from them.  I told Jackson that I didn’t think there was an Evansville or Rohansville, but I would “look into it while I was away.”

Today, here in Jacksonville, was a wonderful day, the seminar was terrific with such a great audience.  Afterwards I was treated to dinner at a local establishment next to one of the waterways and right beside an Alagator reserve with plenty of wild ‘gators.  A little scary, considering there was nothing between me and the alagators,  but beautiful all the same  (see some snaps below).

This wasn’t the best part though.  After conveying the story of my boys to some of the participants in today’s seminar, I was told “but there is an Evansville”, right here in the US in Indiana.   Now, all I need to do is find a “Rohansville”.

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