This month sees me head off again to do some more seminars and workshops in the US, UK and Europe.    My trip didn’t get off to a great start.  After a practice take-off followed by a 6 hour delay at the Brisbane airport I was off to Los Angeles.  The 24 hours I had planned to spend shooting in LA  before heading to Jacksonville was cut in half, thanks to a malfunctioning PA system on my Qantas flight.  Oh well, I suppose it is not how much time you have to photograph, but what you capture in the time you have.

In preparation for this trip I’ve spent the past three weeks putting together a new camera kit.  One of the additions to the kit is the new Lensbaby Composer, designed by Craig Strong.  It is .a fantastic piece of engineering that provides a unique perspective on subjects.  With a swag of new lenses I was ready to capture a city that I have travelled through many times but have never actually photographed.

I was met at the airport by good friend and amazing photographer, Joe Photo, who lives in this great City – straight out of the OC (Orange County).  Here are some of the pics I took with Joe as we rediscovered LA through my new lens.


Portrait of Joe Photo (above).

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