Our fourth baby, the book Royal Mums: A Collection of Memories, was launched this last week by the RBWH Foundation.   This beautiful book is a collaboration we have been working on with the RBWH Foundation, Made 4 Media and the RAD Group – all to raise money for perinatal research.

It started when the RBWH Research Foundation was telling us about their plans to create an honour board for Mums who have had their babies at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital.   One conversation lead to a bigger idea which lead to 3 months of solidly photographing the Royal Mums of Queensland.   Finally the book is out there for all to see and how proud I am that we have been part of this.

I love this book for several reasons.  Firstly it isn’t your traditional photo coffee table book.  This is a 300 page chronicle of the history of Brisbane seen through the eyes of women in the early days of parenthood.   It tracks how things have changed over time and captures some of the historical events in our City.

Secondly it is real.  These are real stories written by real women.  They are touching, they are sad, they are inspiring, they are joyful, they are enthralling.    Once you start reading, you can’t put it down.

Most importantly, it is all for a good cause.   All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to the RBWH Research Foundation to raise money for perinatal research.    This research saved the lives of my own twin boys.  Did I also mention that’s why I love it – my wife Penny & my twins Rohan & Evan are in it!

Finally, I love it because lots of our Studio Impressions’ images are in it.   We donated our time and resources to photographing over 130 Brisbane women whose stories feature in the book.   Most of the images were taken by our portrait photographer Nicola Poole or myself, although we did have a helping hand from some of our colleagues around Australia.  Thanks Ricky & Bec from Ricky England Photography, Graham at GM Photographics and Dominic at PIne Creek Pictures!

Here is just a very small sample of some of the pics we took.

Royal babies “The Veronicas” with their brother Julian & Royal Mum Colleen.    The twins were born seven weeks premature on Christmas Day.

Our Cover Girl – Vikki Groves & the beautiful little Lilly

An amazing mum – Pamela Long & her beautiful daughter Rosalyn.

I was so touched by Pamela’s story – a single mum in the 1960’s who reluctantly adopted her baby out but then reconnected with her beautiful daughter in later life and is now, as she describes it, “blessed with this wonderful family”.

There are so many stories like this, including the amazing mum Muriel Mulley with 17 children and now a total of 155 offspring (grand children & great grandchildren), or Sadie Grace, whose premature babies born in the 1940’s were wrapped in cotton wool to control their temperature, or the wonderful story of the first surviving twins Ronald & Lennox Gordon, born the year the hospital opened in 1938.

I could go on & on or you could just buy the book for yourselves at www.rbwhfoundation.com.au & know that you are contributing to a great cause in the process.    Trust me, whether you are a lover of history, a lover of portrait photography, a royal baby, a mum or a Royal Mum yourself, this one will tug at your heartstrings.    My wife still cries when she reads the stories and she is one of them!   It has been our pleasure to have helped this book come to life for the RBWH Foundation and we truly hope it raises some much needed funds.

For those of you who live in Brisbane, the launch of the Royal Mums Honour Board will be this Friday at the RBWH and telecast live on 97.3 FM.   Also coming up is the RBWH Butterfly Ball – 24th October 2009 at the Brisbane Convention Centre – truly a night to remember!  Save the date!

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