For the last 5 years now I have been travelling to the USA on an annual basis, but it has really only been this year that I have made the time to visit some of the most spectacular places that the United States has to offer.   On an earlier trip this year I visited Zion National park and I loved every moment of being in that beautiful place.   On this trip I have had the chance to explore the coastline of Maine and I can say it is equally as impressive.  With so much history in this part of the world it has been really inspiring capturing some of the beauty that this region offers.

Air travel has certainly become interesting on this trip.  My luck has not improved since that first long delay as I left Brisbane.  This time, my connecting flight at Charlotte (for my flight between Jacksonville and Portland) was delayed 6 hours as the plane would not start.  The starter motor had to be replaced!  So, rather than be potetnially stranded in Charlotte I travelled to Boston and rented a car and drove the two hours to Portland instead.  At least I now have a whole new story to share –  “The $129 Camaro”.

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