I get to meet some great people in this job.

The day before Karen and Trent’s wedding, there was a terrible car accident out the front of the cottage they were staying in. They did not think twice about rushing to the aid of the occupants, administering first aid in a pretty scary situation.

This is Karen and Trent. They care so much about others and the world they live in, that they will put everything else ahead of themselves.  I knew this even before the wedding: when I asked where they were going for their honeymoon, their reply was Fiji to (wait for it) volunteer in a vet surgery in Suva!

What is even more gobsmacking about all this, is that one of the occupants in the car turned out to be Trent’s cousin. After a night in hospital, he came to the wedding with a broken collar bone.  Fortitude must run in the family!

The character of these two just shone at this wedding.  Karen’s speech has to have been the most beautiful & touching speech of a bride to her groom that I have ever heard.  I’ve been touched many times listening to speeches, but never before been stopped in my tracks.  Trent – you should have gone first mate- there was no way to top that!  Smart man though, he got up and honestly replied, “I’m speechless. How can I say anything after those magical words from my wife?”  Perfect.

You might say these two are so lucky to have each other, but I actually think the rest of us are lucky to have this couple in our world. Thanks Karen and Trent for giving me the opportunity to meet you. I hope my photos give you some memories to hold onto. You have given me some.

Karen & Trent got married at beautiful Maleny Manor and Margaret of Hare’s Hair did a fantastic job on Karen and her bridesmaids.

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