Weddings are always special for me to photograph, however this recent wedding was even more so.

Over the 12+ years I have been photographing weddings, I have made many great friends from my clients.  Some of them have let me share not just one moment, but many of the joyous moments in their lives.  This is something that makes me so proud to do what I do.

The George family is one of those families who I have come to know well over many years.  After photographing the first son, Lawrence’s wedding to the lovely Josephine, they invited me back two years later to photograph Steven’s wedding to Jacqueline.  In between I’ve shared in a birth, a christening and a 50th wedding anniversary.     A few months ago, the George’s asked me to photograph the wedding of Steven’s twin brother Dan, to the beautiful Malisa.

Every wedding of these siblings has been unique, due in part to their very different personalities and due in part to the personal touches of each of their chosen brides.    Malisa’ Macedonian heritage played a large part in the day, and for the first time I got to experience some Macedonian traditions.  I loved it!

The day was filled with wonderful dancing, very loud music and special ceremonial aspects.  One of the traditions, which I’ve captured in a few of the snaps below, was to have the youngest and oldest females in the family bake a bread together.  So Malissa’s grandmother and her niece baked the bread.  When the bread went into the oven, a dance starts.  All the female members of the family unite in one swift line to the loudest beat.  I am sure it could be heard many streets away.  The dance is so powerful, and the feeling so strong that as the music came to an end each of the ladies were hugging and crying …and then another dance!   What an amazing experience!  This was a true family connection right in front of me.  It really was a reminder of what life is all about.  Thanks Malisa for letting me be there for something so personal.

Their ceremony was at Our Lady of Victories in Bowen Hills and the reception at  Customs HouseDarb dressed not only the bride, but also the bridesmaids and at least 10 of the guests.  You have to admit Brad knows how to dress a woman in style! 

Amongst all those boys in the George family is one jewel, their sister Jennifer who also features in some of the images below.  I have had the pleasure of capturing her joyous celebrative tears at each of her weddings and look forward to the day that those happy tears are at her own wedding.

Thank you Malisa and Daniel for allowing me to be part of your day and record a little part of your family history. Thank you for sharing your traditions and your special moments.  This is why I love photographing weddings – because I’m invited into peoples lives and I get to experience something real, something genuine, something that forms a footnote in the hearts of these people, moments that they will remember for the rest of there lives.  Malisa & Dan, I hope I did your day justice.







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