Starting in Auckland, the largest number of photographers ever to attend a photography seminar in New Zealand, set the scene for what would be a momentus seminar tour.  For the past 3 years I’ve been speaking to sold out crowds in the US, UK, Japan and Canada -sometimes to crowds of over a thousand people- so you think I wouldn’t be nervous anymore.  This was the first time I had presented my seminars in Australia and NZ though, and I seem to get more nervous on my home turf.  Australian and New Zealanders are a notoriously tough crowd – but feedback was great.

Thanks to EPSON, DES, ADOBE, EIZO, Sandisk, Corel, the Edge, Photo Mounts and Albums, X-Rite and Better Photography, who all came on board to not only take my own seminar to four cities, but added to the event with a mini-tradeshow, showing what I believe are some of the best products on the market.   I’ve used these organisations and their products in our studio for many years.  They have helped me grow my business and my craft to where it is today so it is great to involve them in my seminars because I really think the tools and technology that they have will help others to produce better results.

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