What better way to start the new year than with some gorgeous photos of a new life.   Here is a series taken by Karen showing the exciting start to Baby Ruby’s life.  There honestly is nothing like it – the anticipation, the excitement, the intense love and overwhelming joy that a new baby brings.   Everything changes, and somehow, despite how hard being a parent can be some days, you never, ever want it to change back.  Welcome to the world little Ruby!

Baby-Maternity-Photographer-3Baby-Maternity-Photographer-2 Baby-Maternity-Photographer-5 Baby-Maternity-Photographer-6Baby-Maternity-Photographer-4

We have been a little quiet on the blog lately.  That’s because Marcus & I took a little time out over the Christmas/New Year break to enjoy our own family, to be together and laugh a lot.  That is what we wish for you all in 2015 – a little time to just stop and be with the people that matter most to you.    Happy New Year xxx


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  1. Hello Karen! Nice clicks of cute newborn baby. Such a most precious moments of baby’s parents life. Continue post your great work 🙂

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