Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!!

What an amazing year. I can’t believe it’s that time again.   So below, for your enjoyment, we have posted our annual Christmas Greeting card.

Every year we look forward to creating our Christmas card and this years was a lot of fun.   We deviated from the usual Christmas theming to celebrate the other great thing that happens at this time of year – HOLIDAYS!    All the staff got involved, came up with the concept and did all the preparation.  Rather than rely on the ever useful, self timer we organised our good friend Jason Starr from Studio 60 to press the shutter on the faithful D3x that has served us so well over the past year.

No animals or professional stylists were harmed in the making of this image (we didn’t use any, so all reputations can remain intact).  The people in the image are real, but their characters are fictional.  Any similarities to actual individuals living or dead is not intended, just lucky.   We do not condone excessive drinking and the fashion choices expressed in this image do not represent the views of Studio Impressions or its staff.    We can only be held accountable for bad taste and good times.

So, wherever you are, put on some holiday spirit and enjoy a little Christmas cheer.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

All our love, Marcus, Penny, Adam, Tania, Karen, Gabe, Aurelie and Nicola.

Studio Impressions.

In order of appearance from left to right: Adam, Aurelie, Tania, Gabe, Penny, Karen, Nicola and Marcus.

PS: All props, including clothing came from the homes and wardrobes of Studio Impressions staff, except, of course, for mine.   Luckily for me I was able to borrow my shirt, hat and glasses from Adam.  Thanks Adam you always have been a man of style.

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