The halls are decked (or at least the front desk is), the stockings are hung, at least one of our kids is waiting for his two front teeth, Santa Claus is coming, and The BELLS they are jingling, or juggling, or flying home from Bali.

We have had an amazing year in 2012.  We want to thank everyone that has shared in the year with us.  That includes you lovely reader – Merry Christmas & Thanks!  May the last few days of 2013 be filled with funny family moments.

Now for those of you that have been waiting by your inbox for it or checking here daily,  wait no longer, here it is- the annual Studio Impressions Christmas Card.  In honour of our families and all the love & support they give to us.

From left to right, bottom to top, Marcus, Penny, Adam (yes it is Adam), Karen, Gabe, Tania & Aurelie.   And even if Marcus tries to tell you otherwise – no those are not our real bodies (or hair).   Let’s just call it a little Christmas Magic.

Have a safe & happy break everyone.   love Marcus, Penny & all the team at Studio Impressions xxx

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