So where have we been?  It has been a while since we posted.  Marcus & I have taken quite a break from our online lives to spend much needed time with each other & our family.   BUT we are back!  Rejuvenated and very excited to share with you some truly beautiful images.   Starting with the fantastic wedding of Catherine & Matthew.

Marcus came home from Catherine & Matthew’s wedding visibly happy, energised.   He had had such a good time.   What made it so great?   It might have been the gorgeous location – Cedar Creek Lodge & the Sheraton Mirage for the reception.  Or maybe it was the dancing – Greek dancing is always so much fun.  Or it might have been the speeches – he tells me the MCs (there were two) were the best he has seen.  Or maybe it was just Catherine & Matthew and the general vibe they bring to everything.   Yes.  I am sure that it was Catherine & Matthew.  Seems their happiness is contagious.   I dare you not to feel a little happier after you take a look at these photos.

Catherine & Matthew, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to capture your day, and thank you for sending my man home from a long day with a big smile and a spring in his step.    Sending all the good energy right back at ya!

And ladies…..dress by Winnie Bridal & Bridesmaids dresses by Babushka Ballerina.  Planning & styling by the fab girls from White+White.


Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding-2Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingGold-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Sheraton-Cedar-CreekGold-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Sheraton-Cedar-CreekRomantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Gold-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Sheraton-Cedar-Creek Gold-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-SheratonMount-Tamborine-Gold-Coast-Wedding-Photography

Gold-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Sheraton Gold-Coast-Wedding-Photographer-Sheraton Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-WeddingCedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-WeddingCedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-WeddingCedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-WeddingCedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding Cedar-Creek-Mount-Tamborine-Wedding

Romantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingRomantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Romantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Romantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Romantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Romantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingRomantic-Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding

Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingMount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingMount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding Mount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingMount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingMount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-WeddingMount-Tamborine_Gold-Coast-Wedding



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