New Nikon D4 Camera Image Samples

With much anticipation on my part last Thursday, the courier arrived with a shiny gold box. The new Nikon D4 camera had arrived.  Before photographing my first wedding on it, I was lucky enough to have two days of portrait shoots to get a good feel of the camera.  The camera is slightly different to the D3s so having time to get acquainted was very welcome.

First impressions? Wow.  The camera feels great in the hand.  Focusing seems effortless, and the high noise ISO performance is, in my view, not just equal, but slightly better than the current D3s.

It was fantastic for photographing my weekend wedding of Will and Faith.  Yes that is their real names.  Penny says they must be destined for blessed lives and the strongest marriage, because that’s what you need sometimes – some will and some faith.   We told them we think they have to name their firstborn Hope.    I’ve posted a sample from their beautiful day at St Johns Cathedral and Customs House .

If you would like to make some comparisons on the quality of imagery for yourself, visit here to see early D3s samples that I took when that was first released.   You could also look at my most recent wedding images shot on the D3s here, shot a few weeks ago in Sydney at Rebecca and Dan’s wedding.

Like all new cameras,  a little care is needed to ensure your the setup matches your shooting preferences.  There are a few buttons and operations that are a little different to the previous model so it can take a little time to get used to this before heading straight on into a big shoot.   The most notable difference I found was that the easy exposure compensation dial is the opposite to the D3s.  It is easy to get used to but a little frustrating if your second body is a D3s or D700.

Over all I think the D4 is definitely a step up.  So happy I’ve ordered a second body.

On a side note – seeing as I mentioned settings, if you would like to know more about the camera settings and shooting techniques I use you’ll find this post helpful “My Camera Settings”

The images below have been developed in Adobe Lightroom 4 with minimal adjustments.  No adjustments have been made to alter (or to reduce) the noise in the images.


ISO 1800    f2.8  @ 1/60th

ISO 2200    f2.8 @ 1/125th

ISO 8000    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 12800    f2.8  @  1/60th

100% crop

ISO 1100    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 7200    f2.8  @  1/60th

100% crop

 ISO 4000    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 9000    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 7200    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 12800    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 4000    f2.8  @  1/60th

ISO 7200    f2.8  @  1/60th

100% crop


ISO 12800    f2.8  @  1/60th


7 thoughts on “New Nikon D4 Camera Image Samples”

  1. Thank you for sharing the images – I’m very impressed with the D4 performance and can’t wait for mine to be delivered 🙂

  2. Are they edited Marcus? The camera seams to have amazing dynamic range. I recently changed to canon from nikon….Hmmmmm 🙁

  3. WOW! Enough to make a Canon shooter convert. Amazing quality at ISO’s I’d be to scared to go anywhere near. Thanks Marcus.

  4. Hi Marcus. When and where did you order your D4 from because I ordered mine an hour after the launch and I’m still waiting.



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