So here we are, another year started.   So much to look forward to.   Every year I start with a post on my favourite image from the year before.   Usually I post 1 image & usually it is not a wedding.  While I love this image above, this year, I’m posting more than one image.  I’m posting a little piece  of wedding photography + videography that we did at the wedding of Stanley & Dorothy in Bali, in July at Alila Uluwatu.  And I’ve chosen it mostly because it is everything I love about what I do.  There are so many reasons why this is my favourite work from this year, but instead of explaining why, I think I’ll just share it.  Maybe it will be your favourite too.

Dorothy & Stanley met in Kindergarten in 1986.  They even have the photo to prove it.

That was when their love story began…..

May your New Year be filled with surprises, new things, and uncomplicated, pure, love.   Just like Stanley & Dorothy.

Happy 2013!

Marcus, & all of us at Studio Impressions.

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  1. How exciting to not only hear the beginning of their love story, but to see the culmination of that story in their wedding images. Incredible location as well. Great job by you and your team!


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