One of the things I love about my job is the relationships I get to make with people.  It is very special to be invited into people’s lives to share some of their most precious times.

I love it when couples I’ve photographed call me to come up to the hospital to photograph their newborn.   I took these images below for Geoff & Martina, whose wedding I had photographed, on the day that their much wanted baby Kaelan arrived.   Martina is German and by posting these on our client website, her family, including Kaelan’s Grandma, got to see pics just after he was born.

I shot these in the hospital room (bad lighting, and cramped space), while Kaelan was sleeping in the hospital crib.   I stayed around for awhile to get some documentary style images of the new parents & their visitors, especially Kaelan’s Nan, Geoff’s Mum.   You really don’t need a host of equipment to get some great stuff.

Just yesterday I recieved an email from Brad Williamson.  Bit of background: I photographed his and Sonia’s wedding a few years ago, and a US Production company made a documentary of the shoot I did of their wedding to present to photographers throughout the USA.   What a great couple to allow this to happen on their day!    If that wasn’t enough, on the day their little girl Tallulah, was born, I ran into them at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.   I was there photographing the newborn baby of another wedding couple, Emma & Sal, when we bumped into each other in the corridor!   My niece had also just delivered twins in the same hospital.  So in one short visit to the maternity ward I ended up with three shoots of 4 newborns!

In Brad’s email he wrote   “I’ve been thinking of your suggestion about a sitting with Tallulah. It’s started me thinking about what’s important in life and that’s family. I really like the idea of you following and recording my family through the years to come.”

As a father myself I have come to realise that moments with our children are often too short.  They change so fast.   To have my images mean this much to a client and to be such an important part of some of the defining moments in their life, is what this job is all about.

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