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Capturing all of life’s most memorable moments is at the heart of what we do, from your child’s first cuddles, to opening your own business, to marrying the love of your life – we are here to frame the stages of your life that are most significant to you. Each year we take on a limited number of commissions outside of our weddings, working with new and existing clients, and it is thanks to our renowned photography style when it comes to weddings, that we have thrived in other fields. It was actually during our first wedding-focused exhibition we held in Brisbane, that we signed the first of many national advertising campaigns, together with a family portrait. We have found that right from the outset, people who connect with our work know that it is exactly what they want for themselves – whatever the project may be

We are most reputable for following the succession of life, from the wedding day of our couples to capturing the early days spent with their newly born child. We then shoot family portraits, best reflecting the dynamics and history of each individual family, and have introduced a new series, titled “Watch Me Grow” where we follow your child’s life, documenting their most important moments and collating these over time.

Our corporate and commercial work also celebrates the pivotal moments within your career or business – taking powerful headshots for new appointments, promotional imagery for product releases or exciting projects, or simply capturing the very essence of your brand and all that you do.

We inject the very same passion we have when shooting a wedding, into each individual commission we take on – with our style distinct, conveying the emotion, connection and passion in a natural and relaxed way.

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Studio Impressions remains a small boutique studio that offers clients a world-class experience. Clients are serviced by a small team of passionate and dedicated creatives who simply love what they do; from the moment you first call or walk through our doors, you have the entire Studio Impressions team working for you to make your experience memorable – a team whose professionalism ensures you can be confident you are dealing with the very best in the industry. All elements of our photography are created in-house, including production. While we are based at our Brisbane photography studio, we can travel anywhere in the world if the commission requires.

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Whether you are looking to create s social media content library, a national campaign or a new corporate profile pic we recommend you get in touch so we can price up a quotation based on your individual needs.   We’ll kept things simple and very flexible. If you want more or something a little different, we have that too. Most importantly, our photography comes with a guarantee of quality that few can offer. Contact us today and let us know what you are after. We would love to work with you to meet your brief and create something extra special.

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