Christmas is coming people, wayyyyyy to fast.  It’s giving me heart palpitations about all the things I still need to complete before the end of year and before that, for Christmas day.  I don’t know about you, but Christmas day for us seems to extend out for a week or so.  There are at least 3-4 functions with the people we call family – immediate, extended, step, half, and old old friends forever as well as newer friends that are likely to last a lifetime.  Yes, I get a little frantic about all the things to do, but I also get very very happy.  This time of year for Marcus & I is all about reconnecting to the people that really matter.  I know this is not something we should leave for once a year (and really if I think about it we don’t), but it is a time where we consciously stop, and just be with people that we love and that would love us no matter what. These are the people that don’t care if we are dropouts or millionaires.   We take the time at Christmas to remember that ultimately family is what you have.  However and whoever you define as family – those people that you turn to – they are what matters.   So in the spirit of celebrating the people we love, I wanted to share with you a shoot Marcus did for a family that knows this, and took the time to mark the things they do that bring them together and the place – their farm – that makes them smile when they think about it, and makes them breathe out when they are actually there.   There is nothing like it – that feeling when you share a space, an experience, with people that know you deeply and accept you no matter what.  I love these photos, because in them I see shared memories and the invisible thread that binds family together.   Ironically, this is the Farmer family and a farm is the place they love.  Farming plays a part in their history.  And I want to thank them for letting Marcus take pictures of them that remind me of the importance of spending time doing exactly what you love with the people that you love.

family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-2family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-1 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-3 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-4 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-5 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-6

family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-7 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-8family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-14 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-9 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-10 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-11 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-12 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-13 family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-16family-Portrait-Brisbane-Photographer-15




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