To celebrate the 40th Birthday of Gianni Greghini, well respected restaurantor, owner of Giannis Restaurant, Gianni’s Events at Portside and his new venture Gusto da Gianni.  Celebrating her birthday on the same day, Gianni’s mother made the 24 hour trip from Italy to join in the celebrations.    To record the event, a mutual client commissioned me to take their portrait as their birthday gift to Gianni.    It was my pleasure to be able to share in Gianni’s mother’s pride at seeing the successful life her son has created for himself in Australia, and to see the closeness that exists between Gianni and his mum.

I chose to set the portrait in a nearby wharehouse to create a really nice texture within the image.  For me Italy is full of texture and warmth and I wanted to portray that feeling in these images.   I used only the available light.  There was a large window that illuminated the subjects in soft light.

Camera settings:  ISO 1250  f6 at 1/160th Shutter usind the Nikon D3

Click image to view image larger.

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