Prague is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The city was etched into my mind 10 years earlier at the very beginning of my photography career.  A couple of my favourite images where created on my first trip to this city back in 1998 (my first ever GOLD award was captured at the stairs leading to the Charles Bridge) and I couldn’t help reflecting if I would of ever been able to see those images I captured those many years ago as I walked the same streets today.  I began to realise that we can often think our greatest images are to come ahead of us, but I realised that it is always in the present that we will ever capture our finest images, because today is how we see the world, today is how we feel.  For me those images could only have come at that moment 10 years earlier, because to be honest, I saw Prague in a different light today.  10 years ago I was a completely different man and those images back then really reflected who I was as a person and how I saw the world without the experiences and knowledge that I have gained since then.  It was then I realised how important today is, it is today that we produce the images that we experience in the moment and not in the past or the future. I know back all those years ago I dreamt about being the photographer I am today, but I can’t help thinking that even with all my knowledge ,and expertise, and all the technological advances that my image of Prague today is any better then 10 years ago.

Ten years earlier.

July 2008 – Decade of separation.

July 2008 – Postcard of Prague.

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