Shakespeare said it best:  “If music be the food of love, play on”.

Rachel and Lai have a life filled with music.   They are both singers – AMAZING singers.  They both grew up surrounded by music.  Now they are both part of the fantastic team at RUSH Entertainment & Events.   If you have ever seen RUSH band perform then you will know what I mean when I talk about how good they are.    They had a Sunshine Coast wedding at  Yandina Station and at the risk of sounding a little schmaltzy their whole day was kind of like a love song.   It started out like one of those pared back, simple guitar tunes about falling in love, lifting to a straight out love ballad that fills your soul and finishing with one of those infectious, get-you-on-your-feet-dancing, kind of crazy-in-love songs.  Not that songs like that were played all day – Rachel & Lai are cooler than that – but if their love story was a movie you could kind of imagine the backing tracks.  This was one of those weddings I love where family and close friends really make it.  They all played a part, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and just generally filling the day with so much joy that you couldn’t help but feel happy.

The styling for the day was put together by the ever amazing Carly at  CL Weddings & Events, .  Planning & coordination was by Main Event Weddings.  Their cheese wheel cake was by Farm Gate Cheese and that cool car from PA Transfers.

When Rachel & Lai came to see me with our mutual good friend Leah Rush (of RUSH Entertainment) I couldn’t have been more thrilled to photograph this wedding.  Not because Rachel & Lai are pretty good looking people & so were bound to look great in the photos, but because they are such genuine, generous and downright lovely people, and they were having just the kind of wedding I love to photograph – one where the guests and their marriage were the most important thing.  I knew this would be an emotional and uplifting day, and it was.

Rachel & Lai, thanks for asking me to photograph your special day.  Penny and I wish you happiness always.   May you take your marriage advice from Shakespeare and “play on, play on“.


Sunshine-Coast-Wedding-Photography-Yandina Sunshine-Coast-Wedding-Photography-Yandina

Wedding-Photography-Yandina-Sunshine-CoastWedding-Photography-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Wedding-Photographer-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Wedding-Photographer-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Wedding-Photographer-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Wedding-Photographer-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Wedding-Photographer-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Queensland-Yandina

Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Queensland-Yandina Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Queensland-YandinaWedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Queensland-Yandina Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Queensland-Yandina

Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Queensland-YandinaWedding-Photography-Yandina-Sunshine-CoastBrisbane-Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-YandinaWedding-Photography-Yandina-Sunshine-Coast Sunshine-Coast-Wedding-Photography-Yandina Brisbane-Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Yandina Brisbane-Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-YandinaBrisbane-Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Yandina Brisbane-Wedding-Photography-Sunshine-Coast-Yandina



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  1. These a very nice pic of a wonderful couple. Lai was a school mate of mine back in Fiji. We did High school together. Congrats to you both – perfect pitch – perfect match

  2. What amazing photos! It looks like just the kind of wedding you’d love to attend! Your images capture that beautifully.

  3. I love your photos! As a photographer I know
    it may be hard to find the right ones but these are excellent.
    I use a number of Lightroom presets to help keep some uniformity in my

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