I usually post about happy occassions on this blog, new babies, weddings, joyous things that are happening, but today is not such a happy day.   As we pack up our Studio in preparation for the possibility of the largest flood in Brisbane since 1974 (suddenly our glimpse of the Story Bridge and Brisbane river isn’t such a nice thing to have), our hearts and minds are with those that have already lost everything.    We have been monitoring with great concern the catastrophe unfolding in North Queensland and especially in Rockhampton where our friends Ricky and Beck England have had their home and photography studio threatened.  We are happy to know that they are ok, but who knows the effect long term on their community.   We did not think it could get much worse than that, until yesterday.   Our prayers are with those in Toowoomba, Grantham and the Lockyer Valley.    And while in the next 24 hours we face the possibility of water entering our little business, we can recover everything in there.   There are those in Toowoomba and the surrounds that lost all they have.  Lives cannot be replaced.    Today we feel blessed that we and our children will be safe but very sad for those who are not.     Please, if you can, donate to the Premier’s flood appeal.  People really need your help.  My boys have been singing the little song “Rain rain go away, come again another day…”.  Today, I’m joining in.

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  1. Keeping you and all those in your area in our prayers. I live in Texas but my mom’s (mum’s) family lives in the Brisbane area and have many cousins, aunties and uncles that are being affected. The pictures on our news stations are unbelievable. Praying.

  2. Photos are great, but floods are awful. We pray for those who lost their lives and for those who fight to survive.

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