Well, here it is – Post number 2 on Russia that I promised.  And YES there are people in Russia.

While I love photographing vast empty landscapes, I find that incorporating the human element in these scenes can add so much more to the story I’m wanting to tell.   I do this in some of my wedding images where I include the couple as one element in the surrounds they have chosen for their wedding. Both compliment each other to create a more dramatic story.

So here is a bit more of the story of my Russian experience.   By the way, did I mention it was COLD, really, really cold.

I don’t usually find myself on the other side of the camera lens, but sometimes it just happens.  And well, I REALLY took to Russia.  Here are my before & after shots from the trip.

Before: The Serious Photographic Artist        After:   My alter-ego vodka-swilling Russian version of myself.   Za Vas!

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  1. Absolutely adore how you make that grey and mundane country actually feel exotic. It probably took a bit of vodka to see the sun shine 😉

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