Have you ever done one of those self reflection exercises where you are asked to plot your life on a timeline and note down the memorable events that have shaped who you are?  One of the best things about being a photographer is that sometimes I get to record these markers in a person’s life, those times that will appear on their timeline.  Those points in time that shape not just the person they are but the person that they will become.   Engagement shoots. Weddings. The corporate headshot for the new job.  The birth of a baby. Family portraits when the kids are little & then again when they get their braces off or before they leave to travel the world.   These are the markers I get to record in pictures.   It is best of all when I get to follow a couple along their timeline.

I first met Sarah & Budhi when they were engaged and I was privileged to photograph their beautiful wedding.   Since then, I’ve watched as Sarah changed career and became part of the stylish team at White + White weddings.  So when Sarah & Budhi asked me to capture the days before the birth of their first child, I knew how important this shoot was.  I wanted it to reflect the easiness of the love between them and the natural beauty of Sarah’s pregnancy.  I wanted to mark this time when they were a couple, before they became a family.  I know, from experience, that they will reflect on these days often – that this time is a marker on their line.

Sarah did the styling for this maternity photo shoot and went to the lovely Nicole from Stem Designs for her floral headpiece.  Here are a couple of my favourites, and in a few more days I’ll share with you the photos of that bump replaced by a living, breathing, person.

MaternitySession-5MaternitySession-3MaternitySession-20 MaternitySession-2MaternitySession-9MaternitySession-8 MaternitySession-4 MaternitySession-17MaternitySession-22 MaternitySession-12 MaternitySession-13 MaternitySession-16MaternitySession-7 MaternitySession-21MaternitySession-1

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