Aurelie has been photographing some simply stunning weddings this last twelve months.   Here is one of them.

Gareth met Sarah at high school. When he and his twin brother were young, Gareth’s South African parents decided to move their family to Australia for a better life, and now Gareth & Sarah are starting a life of their own.    They celebrated with an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends at  Albert River Wines.

I loved these images when Aurelie showed them to me because I could instantly see how important family was to this couple and how much love there was there on this day.  When I see the photos taken during the speeches, I can imagine the thoughts and feelings of their parents.  It reminds me that one day, Marcus & I might be watching one of our own twin boys in a moment like this, so just maybe, all the hard work, and every sacrifice we might make on the way will all be worth it too.   Really there is nothing more that you can want for someone else than to have real love in their life and a future that they can choose.  Aurelie tells me that in the speeches, it was pretty clear that Gareth knew this was the gift his parents gave him.

Gareth & Sarah, thank you so much for choosing Studio Impressions to capture this special day.   We wish you a future filled with real love.

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  1. Beautiful photos as always. Love the fact that the black and whites look so brilliantly clear and bright. Often I find black and whites go pretty muddy.

  2. I loved the pictures that you have clicked Aurelie. I admire Aurelie’s photography skills and love the way she’s has captured those memorable moments in the frame.

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