One night, a little over three years ago, a man named TK travelled to Jakarta on business.  With nothing much to do that evening, TK called his childhood friend Satish.  That phone call would change his life.  Satish invited TK to a local bar for drinks with his friends.   It was at that bar that TK would experience love at first sight.   Across the room stood Sheila.

Sheila had returned to Jakarta after having spent much of her life in Sydney and San Francisco.  That night she was looking forward to relaxing with Satish and a group of friends.  She was not expecting to find love.

As the night wore on and the glasses began to empty with alarming frequency, TK became more and more intrigued with Sheila.   Unfortunately he also became more inebriated.   The next day, as hangovers subsided, a tentative phone call turned out to be the start of many, and as TK returned home, a long distance love affair began.   Finding any excuse to fly to Jakarta for ‘business’ TK and Sheila would ignite their love across the borders between Malaysia and Indonesia. The rest, as they say, is history.

“Our passion and love for each other helped us through this long distance relationship which has finally culminated in us taking this big leap. After having spent a very intense day in Bali with Marcus literally traveling from the mountains to the beach we have realized that Marcus shares this same love and passion for his photography.”

Before photographing their Balinese wedding, Sheila and TK asked me to spend the day with them, capturing their love as it is every day.






“Nuris” – a little piece of Heaven in Ubud.

This unassuming little Cafe on the main street leading into Ubud has risen to worldwide fame in recent years.   Without a doubt the BBQ spare ribs are arguably the best you will ever taste.  Not only that, the New York Times claims that this humble little cafe also makes the “Best Martini in the world”  the article, along with many other press clippings adorns the rustic walls.

This incredible worldwide reputation continues to see the who’s who dining here, even Julia Roberts was here only a few weeks ago.  For me, it’s always my number one  thing to do when I visit Bali, thanks to my good friend Indra for introducing me to his favorite little haunt.







“Marcus, these are the most amazing photos of ourselves we’ve ever seen. It truly expresses that special essence of the love Sheila and I have for each other. We love your work and it was a real honor having you behind the camera on that special day, it was unforgettable, thank you.”

Sheila & TK

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  1. Hey Marcus
    I Loved your shots man!

    E aí Marcus!
    Adorei seus cliques

  2. WOW WOW WOW!! Your work is like a DREAM!! SO inspiring! What an incredible honor to spend a whole day documenting such a special love between 2 people. Well done!

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