A lot of people say I’m a big softy, but even if I was the hardest nut to crack, this wedding would have moved me to tears.   For if I’m a big softy, then you haven’t met Poe.   He is responsible for one of the gentlest moments I’ve ever experienced at a wedding.

Poe married Skye at the Couran Cove Resort on South Stradbroke Island.   Straddie is renowned for its beautiful beaches, great surf and is one of my favourite places for a weekend away.   Couran Cove is now making it one of the best places for a wedding too.  Look at this stunning venue.  Perfect for this wedding with all its little touches of island life, reflecting their Samoan heritage.

Skye is beautiful.  She is just as nice as she is beautiful.   Poe is a lucky man.  And they so obviously love each other.  I can almost imagine them 50 years from now, still looking at each other the same way they do in these photos.

I enjoyed every minute of my day with Skye & Poe and their lovely family – many of whom flew from New Zealand on their first overseas trip ever, just for their big day.   It was a day filled with tenderness and love.  There was one moment though, that will stick with me forever.

As Poe’s Mum gave her speech, this tiny, softly spoken lady, a little nervous and clearly very proud of her son, I watched Poe stand, leave his new bride and cross the room to stand beside his mum.   This towering man then so very gently rested his hand on her shoulder.  It was a simple, powerful gesture of love and gratitude.

Poe and Skye, thank you for sharing your day and touching my heart.

Wedding guests are welcome to click on the link to Skye & Poe’s sneak peek slideshow.

(The slideshow is password protected. Please contact Skye & Poe for access.)

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  1. The day looks beautiful and as ever you’ve captured it brilliantly. There are some powerful emotions on display and every frame furthers the story of the day.

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