Spicers Clovelly is one of those amazing venues that when you see it in pictures you just want to go there. Now.  Then, when you get there, it is even more beautiful than you imagined.  I wouldn’t have thought it possible but Lucinda & Angus injected even more life into this gorgeous place.  Their wedding was nothing short of stunning.  With styling by Lovebird Weddings, and flowers by Mondo Floral Designs, this wedding was the epitome of romantic country elegance. Lucinda was glowing in a Vera Wang with the perfect softly romantic updo by Evalyn Parsons.   Every time I look at these images I seem to sigh a deep sigh and a little smile appears across my face.   Lucinda & Angus, thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to capture the heart and soul of your wedding.  It was our pleasure to glimpse into the life you share and for one day, get to feel the love & laughter that fills your world.

SpicersClovellyWedding0001SpicersClovellyWedding0018SpicersClovellyWedding0013SpicersClovellyWedding0003 SpicersClovellyWedding0002

SpicersClovellyWedding0008SpicersClovellyWedding0020 SpicersClovellyWedding0025 SpicersClovellyWedding0026 SpicersClovellyWedding0027 SpicersClovellyWedding0028 SpicersClovellyWedding0029SpicersClovellyWedding0032 SpicersClovellyWedding0030 SpicersClovellyWedding0034 SpicersClovellyWedding0036SpicersClovellyWedding0035

SpicersClovellyWedding0037 SpicersClovellyWedding0039SpicersClovellyWedding0005SpicersClovellyWedding0041 SpicersClovellyWedding0048 SpicersClovellyWedding0045 SpicersClovellyWedding0046SpicersClovellyWedding0043 SpicersClovellyWedding0051

SpicersClovellyWedding0023 SpicersClovellyWedding0053 SpicersClovellyWedding0054SpicersClovellyWedding0060 SpicersClovellyWedding0058 SpicersClovellyWedding0006 SpicersClovellyWedding0069SpicersClovellyWedding0067SpicersClovellyWedding0061SpicersClovellyWedding0050



















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