“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words”  Plautus

And that is just what Renee & Daniel did.  Actually Daniel, invested in a particularly special bottle to mark the occasion, saving it to share with Renee and their closest friends (their bridal party) during a bit of downtime as we took some location photos.  Daniel must have still been thinking about the sweet words of their wedding ceremony because as he went to open the bottle, he accidently hit Renee in the head with it!  No major injuries done, this is a bottle they will never forget for so many reasons.

This is what was so great about this wedding and this couple.  Renee and Daniel have style but they also have fun in bucket loads .  You can see from the impeccable styling of their wedding they have flair, but also you can see from the little details, like sharing a special drink, that they are thoughtful. They don’t take themselves so seriously that everything has to be perfect.  They can laugh at themselves and enjoy the moment for what it is not for what they imagined it to be.  They laugh often and when they do, it is contagious.  There is a lighter, grounded, genuineness in Renee and Daniel that makes you want to be around them.  It was honestly my great pleasure to share those moments with them and get to know two amazing people.

Their wedding was at Spicers Clovelly Estate, with all the added touches by the style team of Lovebird Weddings and Mondo Floral Designs who did all the florals.  Renee was a vision in her Bride’s Desire gown and hair and make up by  Tasleema Nigh.   And when you see the photos below, you’ll probably ask about that cake too – courtesy of The Cake that ate Paris.

Renee & Daniel may your marriage be filled with laughter and light-hearted moments.  Thank you for choosing Studio Impressions to share your day.

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-1 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-2 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-3


Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-7 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-9 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-10 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-11 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-12Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-8 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-13 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-14

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-15Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-5Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-53 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-17 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-19 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-20 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-21 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-22 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-23 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-24 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-25 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-26Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-29 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-30

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-34Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-31 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-32 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-33Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-54 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-36 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-37 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-39

Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-6 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-40 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-43Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-45 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-44 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-46 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-47 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-48 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-41Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-42 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-50Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-49 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-51 Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-52Spicers-Clovelly-Wedding-38













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